Sk8 4 Educate allows kids to come after school to receive tutoring and practice skateboarding in our indoor skate area. The members bring in report cards, good or bad, so we can monitor the status in their classes. When we see progress in their grades we reward them with skate events, sponsorship, product, and wonderful memories.

Our main goal with the SK8 4 Educate program is not only to reward the kids with skating supplies so they can continue skating, but create an interest in education and to encourage them to pursue education beyond K-12.

Creating a skate atmosphere with an undefying focus on education in East Los Angeles was not easy; even more so putting a team together. These are high risk kids that dont know the true meaning of teamwork and didnt have nuch interest in school. They were hard core street riders. Carefully putting a team together, we practiced together, ate together, traveled together, and got to know one another. One day we decided the team was ready to test their skills in the California Amateur Skateboarding League (C.A.S.L). The garage Board Shop had one kid for every division and in every age group. The competition was epic; all our kids placed in every division and we came home with several trophies. We've continued skating their competitions since.

Posted by Admin - Oct 29, 2014

Congratulations to all the winners at the garage boardshop in battle of the flow . ! Great Day ! Great event!

Posted by Admin - Oct 28, 2014

Surf City again lives up to its name with a weekend of fun, competition, and skating. Read this awesome article writung by the Huntington Beach Independent