In 2014 we will be recruiting for a new skate league, L.A. Sk8 Games, at every L.A. skate park involved with "Sk8 4 Educate." All kids are encouraged to uphold a 3.0 G.P.A. in school to be part of this program. Sk8 4 Educate will provide tutoring after school to kids to enhance grades so every kid can engage and be part of the all new L.A. Sk8 Games.

We start the recruiting phase this September at your local L.A. Skate Parks, L.A. Sk8 Games will be brought to the local skate parks in LA County. Every 3 months we will create a large social community event, invite all teams at all parks to come. Every skate park team will stay in the league and be eligible to competenext year. The Championship team will get a chance to skate the world famous Woodward West for a chance to compete in the Amateur Skateboard League trained by pros.

Posted by Admin - Oct 29, 2014

Congratulations to all the winners at the garage boardshop in battle of the flow . ! Great Day ! Great event!

Posted by Admin - Oct 28, 2014

Surf City again lives up to its name with a weekend of fun, competition, and skating. Read this awesome article writung by the Huntington Beach Independent