About The Garage Board Shop

The Garage Board Shop was founded by Jerry Carrera and his son, Christian Carrera. Tge Shop was opened with the idea for the community youth to come and express themselves through different mediums. It was not just meant to get them to express themselves but to get the youth to apply themselves into positive outlets like music, dancing, and art. The young DJ's , bands, break dancers, and artist came to find it an urban haven and a proving ground for their talents.

In 2009 Jerry Carrera and Maria "Patty" Ramblaz took over The Garage Board Shop, looking to become moree involved with the community . and after time decided to open an after school program called "SK8 4 Educate." The program was meant to combine skateboarding with education by having members treat skating similar to an academic sport, much like football or track; encouraging kids to apply themselves in their academics as well as in their skating.

The Garage Board Shop often hosts art shows to display the talent of youth in community. Approximately 200-300 kids line up to be apart of every show to demonstrate to the public that they are capable of accomplishing something. All of this talent and Urban art under one roof was inspiring to witness.

Posted by Admin - Oct 29, 2014

Congratulations to all the winners at the garage boardshop in battle of the flow . ! Great Day ! Great event!

Posted by Admin - Oct 28, 2014

Surf City again lives up to its name with a weekend of fun, competition, and skating. Read this awesome article writung by the Huntington Beach Independent